Are Shingles Contagious?

by jake on April 26, 2012

Shingles is one of the skin diseases that are very contagious. The virus causing this infection can be passed to a child, or adult. They may look like chickenpox, but in reality they are not. Most probably children who are susceptible to this disease get it through contact with another who is infected. They then develop some form of rashes. In fact, it can be window through which chicken pox would infect the victim.


Subsequently, we should understand the fact that the same virus that causes shingles is the same causal agent for chickenpox. After a person has gotten chickenpox, this virus called Herpes zoster will live closer to the nerves of the blood system and will always remain in the body.


A person stressed up or one that is taking drugs meant to suppress the immune system can have a faster activation for development of shingles. Many people should know that with the presence of chickenpox in the body, contact with the victim is the easiest to open a chance for transmission of shingles.


The virus themselves can easily jump from one person to another through physical contact. Once on the body, you will notice blisters forming making the skin itchy and painful. A person affected can cover the blisters and then do the daily chores. It is advisable that a person who has never had chickenpox should avoid personal contact with someone who is infected as a precaution against contracting it.


Many have thought that shingles can come as a result of staying in a confined place. However, this is not true. Since this disease is not airborne, it cannot be spread through the air. Paramedics have indeed justified categorically that shingles can be treated at appropriate time. This disease being contagious, it can spread intensely during the outbreak and this can only be prevented if the right methods are used. The only way that one who is infected can feel relief is when proper treatment is administered.


These viruses hide inside the person’s body so that they can be activated. The disease mostly affects outer peripheral nerves and body skin. Much profoundly it creates painful blisters. It is a global condition which is mostly found with the aged or perhaps people with abnormal immune system.

Professional paramedics say that precautionary measures should be taken in order to prevent shingles. It is important to ensure that do not share towels and perhaps keep off from swimming in public pools, because this will spread it even more. In addition an activity that involves physical touch like sexual contacts and sports should be avoided during times of infection.



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